About US

Padanam.net is a website mostly published in malayalam language and some articles in english. The website is owned by a V. S. NIHAL under the flagship name PADANAM DIGITAL MEDIA.

What is Padanam?

Padanam blog/website is a magazine/newspaper category website aimed to produce and publish articles in malayalam and english which are highly useful for anyone who can read in the above said languages. We don’t charge any fees or gifts for the content we publish. Most of them are related to the Niche of Career, Education, Learning & Tutorials of various microniches and categories. Our esteemed readers are mainly Indian residents of Kerala state and some non-kerala state Indians along with the whole expat population out there around the globe.

Aim of Padanam

Padanam is a website aimed to create mostly textual content in english and malayalam for anyone in the world to read, study and educate themselves. We aim to produce and publish content for promoting free learning and to be a part of the Global Free Education Motto. All our contents are aimed particularly to spread useful information and promote learning through multitudes of methods. We aim to produce more content in Native languages, especially in Indian Native languages in future. Padanam website will not take any fees or financial aid from any third parties to access our content, as we ought to give it all for free.

Contact Padanam

Padanam welcomes anyone who wishes to join our vision and to help in making our aim fruitful. Anyone who likes to partner up with Padanam or any reader who wishes to contact us for any queries related to disclosable and ethically fit matters, please visit our contact page